Sunday, October 31, 2010


No matter what, Lily is always ready to try something new.  Here she is tasting milkweed for the first time.

It didn't last very long. 

Lily is always grounded and sure of herself.  She is happy wherever she happens to be.

For Lily, there is no end to a good day. 
I am trying to be more like Lily.  I remind myself that bad days do come to an end, and that dark skies still have colour.  Sometimes it's hard to look up, but when I do I am never disappointed.

Thanks for the help, Lily!  Now let's go outside!


  1. I am sure her mom walks with her on this joyous journey ...I just love your blog! thanks dear friend xo

  2. Dear Nicole,
    As always you make me look at things a little differently! I love skies! I love painting skies. I do find there are always interesting colours in the skies. Unexpected yellows, purples, reds, and a huge variety of blues. When I hike I am always aware of the sky... will it rain? be hot?? sunburn?? The sky is always on my mind.