Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lost and Found

It's been 23 days since my last post.  I could say that I was too busy, or that so much has happened in 23 days that I just couldn't get around to it, but the truth is that I lost my way for a little while.

Sometimes I brought the camera along on our walks, but I didn't feel like taking any pictures.  Other times I tried taking pictures but I was so distracted by pain that the pictures ended up being blurry and dull. 

Once in a while Lily and I found some little surprises.  Here is a frosty leaf that looked to me like a sugar dusted cookie.
Lily was very curious about this little guy but respectfully did not touch it.  There's no such thing as Finders Keepers, you know!

We noticed this bike at 7am one morning....
...and it was still there the next day at 10am.
I found this bike very perplexing.  I kept wondering who it belonged to...who stole it...where it came from...why and when it was left in the park...
Lily didn't let these mysteries get to her.  She just got on with her day.
She's very good at letting things go!

My dad once told me our support sytem is made up of concentric circles.  We are at the centre.  Our close family is the next circle.  Then come friends, then work colleagues, the local community, and so on.  Sometimes you need to look around yourself and lean on the people who surround you.  They can help you to see again.

...and once you can see again, you will notice the happy surprises all around you.

So today, ask for help, give thanks and have fun!


  1. Welcome back Nicci. I'm sorry you have been going through a troubled time. Sometimes life takes us down dark roads on the way to the light.

  2. I'm glad I can sometimes help you to see, kiddo, because you're certainly helping me.

  3. Hope you're through the dark glass for a bit. Pain is a terrible thing. I love the concentric circles image, but not more than the milkweed seed caught in a moment of sunlight!