Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love, fun, colour!

Winter can seem like an endless tunnel of gray if you don't throw some fun into your day. Lily and I came across these love notes in the pavement...

Here's something you don't see every day...

We found more fun at the neighbourhood school...
The fence actually looks friendly, don't you think?

I am always on the lookout for colour as Lily and I are travelling.  It's not always easy to find these days, but it's there, waiting quietly.

Here is my favourite colour surprise so far:

Yes, that's right! Corcuses! Now that's a happy burst of lavender in a gray, white world!
Have a fun day!
Lily and I

Saturday, February 12, 2011

 Mornings are a little brighter these days.  The snow keeps piling up, which makes Lily very happy.

I used to hate winter. The cold was almost too much to bear and I stayed inside as much as possible.The cold doesn't bother me when I am out with Lily. I look forward to finding something lovely out there.

On the quietest, most bitterly cold mornings, there are still  lots of things happening. If you pay attention, you might see them.
I never much cared for crows before either. Their cries irritated me, and their large size struck me as ugly. Now I find them beautiful. 
 They withstand cold winter nights and gather together each morning to celebrate their survival.
We walk past these maple keys almost every day and I wonder, how are they still hanging on? They look like faded dragonflies weathering a storm.
Because I am paying more attention to what I see, even though we walk to a lot of the same places each morning, I actually feel like I'm walking out into a new world each day.
I hope you find beauty in your day today.
Let's go, Lily!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Over the past few weeks Lily and I have gone on many walks together.  Some at night...

and some in the morning, when it is so dark that the streetlights are still on.

The lack of light makes taking photographs challenging, and I am still learning how much is enough to capture an image.  Looking for light each day is a new challenge in photography, and in life.  In photography, I just accept that I am learning and that I will take a LOT of not good photos.  Once in a while I will take one that I'm proud of. 
Finding the light in each day in life is a different kind of challenge.  Sometimes all I can do is make lists of all the dark things that take my focus.  I am working hard to make little light things the heart of my day. 
I have learned that sometimes when you really need some light in your day, someone completetely unexpected will bring it to you. 
Today I wish you a day filled with light.  Be ready to capture the good things around you!