Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have a look around

Mornings have been chilly this week. Lily always waits patiently as I put on more layers before we step outside.  Here are some of the things we saw:

 Perhaps it's just my own state of mind these days, but this flower looks like a stubborn survivor to me.

Lately I have been making choices to make my life simpler. 
 There are so many moments of each day that are meaningful, and I am doing my best to notice them.   
 Maybe I was too busy to see things clearly before.

I saw two feathers this week.  One black...

 and one gold!

Hope is in the ones you love. 
I wish you a day filled with happy moments.


  1. Hi Nic,

    Thanks for telling me about your blog. I love what you're doing. Carrying the camera really helps you see, doesn't it! Looking up, looking down, appreciating little things that usually go unnoticed - what a great way to start your days.

    I like your brief observations as well.
    I'll check in again! See you soon,

    Rick (mrR)

  2. Hi Nic,
    Nicely done, being in the moment.