Sunday, October 17, 2010

A few days ago I took Lily somewhere she had never been: a wide open field at the top of a hill.  It was a gorgeous sunny day with  no wind.

There were many new things to smell and see.  This is Lily watching a  lonely bus roll up the hill.
The sky was big, blue and wide.

The rocks were big too.
This was a surprise and I can't help wondering who did it.

On another day, this week, the sky was not blue at all.

On a dark day, it's  hard to keep standing upright.  Sometimes I feel all alone, but I know that's just the pain talking.  I take a deep breath, and my eyes are able to see colours again.

One morning this week was chilly and rainy.  A new friend appeared at my feet and followed me all the way home.
This random event that made me happy on a wet, dark day.  I guess you just have to stop and breathe sometimes so that joy can find its way back to you.  I hope you make a new friend today, too.


  1. Reading your blog was a great way to start my Monday morning! Hugs, Andrea

  2. Hi Nicole!
    Wasn't it a beautiful weekend!! Where in Kingston is the big hill?? I went to a really interesting place on my hike this week.... the Devil's Pulpit and the Harriman Lime Kiln, which is a 'RING' Kiln and very rare in Ontario.

    I hope your skies will always be blue.