Sunday, October 10, 2010

Could be...Who knows...

It's hard to even think about, but something's coming. 

Every morning, no matter what temperature, wind or precipitation is out there, Lily is ready to go exploring.
Things are looking a little different in the neighbourhood these days.

This red is new.

The flower beds in the park are nearly all empty.

I know what's coming.  It's something cold and windy and...beautiful.  I know what to expect but there are so many things that I won't see coming at all.  The only thing I can really be sure of is that there will be  surprises. Some will be spectacular and wonderful and some will not.

I do know that love will always be there, and for that I am very grateful.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. I hope this works Nicole!!! I am really enjoying your photos!! I know you are frequently up early because of pain but you are seeing a beautiful part of the day. I am up earliesh but prefer to look at it from my condo!! I watch all those energetic people walking on the West walk(beside our buidings which fronts onto the golf course) at ungodly times of the day.

  2. Nicci, Your blog is full of both wonderful pictures and thoughts. It's a good form of meditation.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Love, Dad