Sunday, January 23, 2011


Over the past few weeks Lily and I have gone on many walks together.  Some at night...

and some in the morning, when it is so dark that the streetlights are still on.

The lack of light makes taking photographs challenging, and I am still learning how much is enough to capture an image.  Looking for light each day is a new challenge in photography, and in life.  In photography, I just accept that I am learning and that I will take a LOT of not good photos.  Once in a while I will take one that I'm proud of. 
Finding the light in each day in life is a different kind of challenge.  Sometimes all I can do is make lists of all the dark things that take my focus.  I am working hard to make little light things the heart of my day. 
I have learned that sometimes when you really need some light in your day, someone completetely unexpected will bring it to you. 
Today I wish you a day filled with light.  Be ready to capture the good things around you!


  1. and sometimes in the darkest of places, we find the light we have always been looking for....(there is a crack in everything...that's how the light gets in...a little leonard cohen on this sunny sunday morning :)

  2. And we can't be afraid to turn to a friend for a little light. Being alone in the dark is not much fun. It always feels brighter with a friend.