Saturday, February 12, 2011

 Mornings are a little brighter these days.  The snow keeps piling up, which makes Lily very happy.

I used to hate winter. The cold was almost too much to bear and I stayed inside as much as possible.The cold doesn't bother me when I am out with Lily. I look forward to finding something lovely out there.

On the quietest, most bitterly cold mornings, there are still  lots of things happening. If you pay attention, you might see them.
I never much cared for crows before either. Their cries irritated me, and their large size struck me as ugly. Now I find them beautiful. 
 They withstand cold winter nights and gather together each morning to celebrate their survival.
We walk past these maple keys almost every day and I wonder, how are they still hanging on? They look like faded dragonflies weathering a storm.
Because I am paying more attention to what I see, even though we walk to a lot of the same places each morning, I actually feel like I'm walking out into a new world each day.
I hope you find beauty in your day today.
Let's go, Lily!


  1. Nice message, Nicci. I love the expression on Lily's face in the first shot, too. :-)

  2. Hi, I like the upbeat quality of this last entry.
    Seeing the light in the darkness is a gift. Dad