Thursday, August 2, 2012


Lily, Ruby and I have been walking a lot lately.  It has been so unbearably hot, that most of the time we walk in the late afternoon or evening.

Something interesting has been happening on our walks.  Have you ever heard the same song several times in one day, in different places?  Well, we have been followed, not by a song, but a colour...

Did you notice it? It started off in small ways. I liked the moss on this tree trunk so I took a photo of it.

 Then I saw this...

These were the first snapdragon to open in the park.

I was starting to wonder what was going on. Once we got back home, I had a look at the echinacea in my own garden.

This one is called "Milkshake"! I feel happy every time I look at them!
It was sooooo hot, we all needed a cool drink.  I decided to keep with the them and have this...

So, what was going on that day?  What was Yellow trying to tell me?  I think it was sending me joy and hope.  It was whispering "Life is a gift! Celebrate what you have! Have FUN!".  Sometimes its hard to hear whispers of happiness.  I am trying to listen more carefully.

After the heat and excercise, it was time for a rest!

Even naps are golden!

Have a Yellow day, friends!


  1. I like how you carried the theme throughout the photos. The blog definitely created a happy feeling. Love, dad