Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It has been a long time since I created a new post.  I had to simplify my life for a while, but now I`m ready to take a little time now and again to keep a collection of things that ask me to take their picture. And of course, Lily will be here with me!

One morning, we found this at the park...

and this...

It was interesting because I had been thinking a lot about family on that day.  By just being part of a family we make a promise to love each other, no matter what might fall from the sky. Actually, it`s not even a promise. We just do it. 

Recently, our family got a little bigger.

This is one of her quieter moments!  Ruby has brought a lot of joy and
spirit into our home.  Oh, and maybe a little more work. We are working on the double leash walking thing, so I won`t be able to take many pictures walking with Lily AND Ruby!  But the idea of this blog was originally to be a visual journal, so that`s what it will continue to be.

These ferns came up in the garden not too long ago...

They were practically singing as they uncurled!
 ``Time to wake up, time to reach out, time to GROW!``
So that`s what I plan to do.

Ruby is ready. Are you?

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