Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just keep swimming...

This butterfly is for my beautiful friend, Lisa M.

The past few weeks have been pretty challenging. I am slowly recovering from injuries and doing my best not to be discouraged or impatient. I am not always successful! At the same time, our family has been hit with several unpleasant surprises. My friend, Lisa, has been living with breast cancer this past year, with both courage and grace. She told me when it all seems too much to bear, she thinks of Dorrie in "Finding Nemo" who repeats "Just keep swimming." over and over to keep herself going through the scary, massive ocean. This has really helped me on the bad days, Lisa. Merci mille fois!

One sunny morning, when I was happy to be walking again, but feeling sore, Lily and I saw this trailer...

You go, girls! You are superheroes!

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