Sunday, May 9, 2010

Catching up...

I wasn't feeling well this week so I'm late posting these photos.

I spotted these flowers on Tuesday, May 4th. The day was an overcast and cool (2 degrees when we left the house).
On Wednesday, May 5th, the sun warmed us up again and Lily and I paused by these happy yellow faces.

Happy girl!

On Thursday, May 6th, 2010, Lily started off our walk very relaxed.
Midway through our walk, Lily was trotting along the sidewalk, sniffing at grass and flowers, when we came to a house with a brown lab sitting out front. The dog's leash was tied to an empty running stroller but the owner was not outside. The dog was sitting quietly, unmoving. Lily seemed surprised by his presence and immediately started to growl and bark at him. Lily loves meeting other dogs and becomes extremely excited if she sees or smells any dog within a block away. Her tail will wag quickly and she will usually go right down to the ground in submission to whatever dog she sees, as if to say, "You're the boss. Let's play, boss!". Not this time...
I quickly led Lily across the street and told her to hush, but she continued to turn back and growl and bark intermittently as we distanced ourselves. The dog was very still, and made to noise in response. I have to say that we have only heard Lily growl 2 other times. Once she growled at the back door in the evening. We assumed some animal that we couldn't see was crossing through the yard. The other time was when a sketchy looking man walked into the park, and although he was still a fair distance away, Lily began to growl and the hair on her back stood up. I'm not sure what she knew about the silent brown lab, but I trusted her instincts.

Friday, May 7th, 2010
Rain again.

And the rain continued on Saturday, May 8th.

New pine needles are so soft. They look like little green paws!

This week I had a migraine for a few days and wasn't able to update daily. Here are a few photos.

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